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Moon To Commence MUHARRAM 1440 (AH) - ISLAMIC NEW YEAR!
Respected Ulamaa, Brothers and Sisters,

The crescent moon to commence the month of Muharram 1440 AH was looked for after the sunset of MONDAY 10th September 2018. 
Reports from all committees local and regional confirm that the MOON WAS SIGHTED.

The Darul Uloom Moon Sighting Committee has accepted these reports and has declared that the month of Dhul Hijjah 1439 AH has completed 29days. 
Therefore, the 1st night of Muharram 1440 AH is the night of Monday10th September, 2018 and the 1st day of Muharram 1440 AH will be the day of Tuesday 11th September, 2018. 

                                      IMPORTANT DATES IN MUHARRAM 1440 AH.
    *The Day of 'Ashura  - 10th Muharram  : Thursday 20th September, 2018.
It is Sunnah to Fast on the 10th along with the 9th or 11th of Muharram. That is, a person can fast on Thursday 20th September  along with either
Wednesday 19th, or Friday 21st September, 2018.

   *The Prophet Muhammad (saws) said, " Fasting the day of 'Ashura, I hope that Allah (swt) will accept it as an expiation for (the sins committed in)
the previous year." (Muslim)...
   *He, Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) also said, " If I live to see the next year, In Shaa Allah, we will fast on the ninth day too." (Muslim)...

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Mufti Kahiam Hosein
On behalf of
Darul Uloom Moon Sighting Committee
Rashaad Ave, Mon Plasir Rd,
Cunupia, Trinidad, W.I.


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